Monday, July 5, 2010

The Welcome Mat has been placed out for our new dealer. . .

We are so thrilled to inform you of our new dealers Jeanine & Paul who have recently joined our shop.  They have been dealers for several years but they are the latest members of "My Sister's Antiques".  We can't wait for you to come in and check out the lovely items they have placed in their booth.  If you love fine quality antiques, lovely rose dishes, silver, and everything pretty and sparkly then you will enjoy shopping in their booth! 


  1. So Exciting! These awesome dealers are not only among the best in the biz....they are just truly wonderful people as well!! So thrilled they've decided to set up their fabulous finds here!! Will be checking them out often.

  2. One of my favorite antique dealer teams. They bring a lovely Southern elegance to their booth. Both have exquisite taste and you want to purchase everything they have. So glad they are part of your marvelous shop. Sea Witch

  3. When things settle down, Chloe and I will come check out your new space. . . I know this duo offers exceptional wares!