Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Selling, Selling, Selling... Oh What Fun!

Thank you to all our loyal supporters who followed us to Snellville for our 1st Estate Sale!  Boy, was it a busy day full of selling, negotiating, packing, and talking.  We all left exhilarated and exhausted everyday from the sale. We sold just about everything at the sale except for a sofa and the 1800's church pew.  We were so surprised the church pew didn't get sold the first day seeing that it was a little bit of local history...not to mention a great piece.  For those of you who were not able to attend the sale, we started promptly at 10:00 with a line full of eager customers ready to find a bargain.  I wish I had taken a picture of the line that had formed at the gate waiting for the sale to begin but I think for my safety I am glad I chose to forgo the Kodak moment.  All kidding aside, everyone had lots of fun and walked out with lots of really cool old stuff.  I think everyone had a blast rummaging through the old barn and garage too.  Personally, when you can sell a tractor, catch a rooster, wrap dainty chandeliers all at the same sale...I think it is suffice to say, "There was a little something for everyone.".  We later received the loveliest email from one of our special customers telling us what a great time she had at the sale and how much she enjoyed herself.  As always, those compliments are the sweetest music to our ears and we truly think the world of all our customers.  Thanks for coming out, supporting us, and for all the sweet words!  If you would like to be notified of the next estate sale just leave us your email address and we will be sure to add you to our contact list.  Thanks to everyone for making the sale such a success...more estate sales are in the future for My Sister's Antiques.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Estate Sale Update

Okay, enough with the anticipation!  You guys have waited patiently for the address of this fabulous estate sale! Our phone has been ringing off the hook as to what area to hit first.  So, here are the inside tips for all you loyal followers.  If you are wanting to rummage through old tools, uncovered treasures, fishing gear, old vintage bikes, vintage farming tools then the detached garage beside the barn is your area.  We will have boxes outside for you to gather your goodies as you rummage for all those hidden finds.  There will be some staff members in the outside garage who will price your items in your box and then you will be able to pay at that location as well. 

If you are interested in furniture, lamps, dishes, primitive crocks, duck decoys, the 1800 church pew, vintage toys, collection of old walking sticks, glassware, pottery, and wooden yards sticks just to list a few then start your shopping at the front door and continue throughout the house.  There will also be a few large primitive cabinets, old store oak display counter (glass will need to be replaced), large vintage cabinet and a few other large heavy pieces in the basement.  You can reach the basement door through the fenced in back yard before you get to the detached garage/barn.

There will be two pay stations: one in the house (sun room in the back of the house) and the other in the detached garage. Parking will be in the field at the front of the house.   The gates will remain closed unless you are picking up heavy purchased merchandise. Keep in mind the area behind
the gates will be strictly used for loading and unloading, so please do not block the gate entrance when you park.  Due to limited staff help, please bring someone to help you load heavy items.

The sale will start promptly at 10:00 so NO EARLY BIRDS will be admitted until that time.  Remember, we take cash, credit and debit cards! All sales or final and all paid merchandise must be picked up by Saturday, May 5th by 5:00 pm.  Thanks again for all the interest, we hope you guys will have lots of fun and find tons of goodies! Happy Shopping!!!

Oh gosh, we almost forgot the most important information the address: 3170 Centerville Rosebud Rd.
Snellville, GA  30078.  Just teasing, we knew what you guys were looking for...hope the above information will help plan your shopping experience.

***Remember, the shop will be open its usual hours, so be sure to drop in and check the shop out.  The dealers have been working hard restocking their booths with lots of unique one of a kind treasures!